Social Studies Reflection on Questioning Strategies 

Comparative questions of knowledge, comprehension, and evaluation. 

In the process of developing a lesson, educators must think of ways to assess students and create an environment of interest and knowledge through “Maintaining an abiding spirit of curiosity and seek through inquiry…” 

There are three ways to provide questioning for students’ learning process: 

1) knowledge- facts/skills

2) comprehension- relate and apply knowledge to experiences, ideas, and concepts. 

3) involve judgements about the value of ideas, objects, creations, and actions. 

Knowledge-based questions scratch the surface of learning and engagement. Comprehensive questions develop a more applicable through connecting topics with other people, places, or concepts. Lastly, evaluate inquiry allows a more purposeful, deeper, personal connections with subject matter and is the ultimate goal in questioning for the sake of student learning and growth. 


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