Being the Student Teacher and the Student

Having the opportunity to be the student teacher in a classroom is the most amazing experience. You get the opportunities to observe, learn, and be inspired. Seeing students grow from week to week, every Thursday is a joy for me. And yet, with this time I have given my class,  I have also found difficulty in recent weeks of truly identifying my place in the classroom.

What do I mean by “my place”? Well, take discipline and intervention with students for example. Say I spot student A disrupting another student B’s academic time while my teacher is busy giving a lesson. Do I say anything to her to take care of it? Or do I take care of it myself?

This is just one of the many examples where I have found myself questioning if these responsibilities will be shared, passed on to me, or not up to me at all. I have had years of experience with children that would allow me to be fully capable of handling most of these situations in the classroom, but the question is: when do I deal with them? Yes this is my mentor teacher’s classroom, but it’s also my time to learn and practice.

I think that I have come to the conclusion that my title right now truly emphasizes the student in “Student Teacher”. P-3 is not my classroom, it is merely where I am placed. I can consider Mrs. Koontz’ fourth grade students as my students, however when the baton is passed over to me next quarter, I have to recognize that my mentor teacher’s expectations, procedures, and processes will also be attached with that baton.


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