On Thursday morning, I woke up exhausted from the first two weeks of senior year. Perhaps working three jobs, taking 18 credits, and doing student teaching was a poor choice of mine – nonetheless, I was still excited for the day because I would be reunited with my fourth grade classroom. Because of the start of school and the end of September Experience, I hadn’t seen my class since the first week of September. I missed their laughter and their love for learning!

I hugged my mentor teacher when we greeted each other that morning, and I mentally prepared myself to see my kids again. “You should be the one to open the door when they come in, they’ve been asking ‘Where’s Ms. Howard’ constantly, and they don’t know you’re coming back today,” my mentor teacher told me. I agreed.

And so, I opened the P-3 portable door at 8:40am, and waited. The looks on their faces in that moment will always be something I’ll remember. Their eyes brightened and smiles widened, grinning ear to ear; all of them,even the kids I didn’t think liked me all that much, ran up the portable and hugged me with so much excitement and love I felt so overwhelmed.

Let’s just say, it’s going to be a fantastic year.


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