Flexibility and First Days

4:45am and I hear my Taylor Swift alarm go off like a canon.

Today’s the day. My first day of school with my fourth grade class.

The past week has already been hectic trying to figure out what my class was going to  do with a substitute the first few days of school (… oh, did I forget to mention my teacher is sick with the flu?). As a response to her unexpected illness, my mentor teacher specifically requested a woman who is on the verge of retirement; she’s experienced, she’s great with the kids, and she’s says it like it is.

I was so excited to begin working, even if for a few days, with a woman so seasoned in this career. I arrived at the school around 7am, we met up and chatted, and began laying out the day of explaining expectations and tours of the school. In the midst of the craziness that is the first day of elementary school (I mean, I practically got stampeded by parents and children near the office when they opened…), another substitute came in unexpectedly. He hadn’t been at the school in a couple years, wasn’t aware of the schedule, and didn’t know any of the expectations for our class. In all of my education classes, we’ve been taught to be as flexible as possible. But from my already absent mentor teacher to having to come in with not knowing what to expect, I spoke up to the vice principle and explained that I would be more comfortable with just me and the first substitute. Especially for the sake of the students, having so many faces in and out of the classroom, I thought it would be best if they had a stable face instructing.

Luckily, she understood the situation and said she would talk to the other sub tomorrow morning, but I could not shake the feeling of guilt of not being as flexible as I should have been. Definitely something for me to work on.

Overall, the first day ended up being a success when it came to the kids! We got through most of things scheduled on the board and I even learned a lot of the students names. And even though today was just the first day, I am already very much looking forward to the weekend as I am preparing to move into my first house with some other girls at SPU for my senior year.



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