The Journey Begins


Summer seems to have flown by in Washington. All throughout the past two and half months, I’ve worked in a daycare with school age children aging anywhere between 6 and 12. It challenged me at times, but was overall rewarding. That job ended a few days ago when I had to begin an entirely new chapter of my life…

This week was my first week student teaching. It makes me incredibly excited that I get to finally begin doing the thing I have been preparing for so many years, it feels unreal. I was placed at Seahurst elementary in Burien, Washington in a fourth grade classroom with Mrs. Brigid Koontz. And although it has only been a couple days, I had such a fun time listening in on teachers discussing this years reading and mathematics curriculum, as well as helping set up the class for the first day of school (which is approaching fast). I am going to learn so much from my mentor teacher, the staff, and the class and I cannot wait for the kiddos to get here and dive right in!



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